Caring Paws

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Who we are.


My name is Julianna Bauknecht and as you can see, I love animals.

I've worked towards helping injured, abused, and neglected animals for over eight years (which, is a lot, hence the fact that I'm 13).

Animals are extremely important to humans for many reasons:

  ~Companions! Pets are one of the purest forms of love I can think of!

  ~Mental health! Since pets pretty much radiate love, they help regulate your mental health. People love cuddling with pets as they reduce stress, loneliness, and can even regulate anxiety.

  ~General health! People with pets tend to have less doctor visits and lower blood pressure.


And I don't know about you, but when you can't sleep, pets are the perfect friend to watch your favorite TV show or binge YouTube videos.

Thank you for your constant support,

Julianna Bauknecht,